RoboShark! The new Sales Assistant.

November 2016

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo has "employed" 3 new Sales Assistants called Robosharks!
Visitors of the Dubai Mall are reacting very surprised to our new sales assistans. While visitors are usually not happy being approached by an unknown person trying to sell them an admission ticket, visitors react exactly the opposite with the RoboSharks!
The Robosharks raise interest and make visitors curious   to look closer and check out the new Sales Assistant. The uneasy feeling disappears and the visitor develops an interest in a ticket marketed by the robot and they usually decide to purchase. As soon as someone presses the button Robo´s human colleague stops by and finalizes the purchase and of course supports the visitor further!
Already after a short time you will see that more visitors are willing to visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and ticket sales will increase substantially.
Well done Robo Shark! Well done Dubai Aquarium!