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Polar Journey Exhibition in Action

! Polar Journey Exhibition, Shark Reef Aquarium Las Vegas, US


ATTRAKTION! developed the world's first Polar Journey Exhibition at Shark Reef Aquarium inside Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Polar Journey allows Visitors an opportunity to explore this part of the wonders of creation of our world that they wouldn't ordinarily experience in person. The seven interactive scenes (Ice Caps, Fractured Beauty, Swarming, Feeding Krill, Ice Fractures, Sea Explorer, Polar Science) enable visitors to uncover the many fascinating aspects of the polar regions through physical and intellectual activities.

It is a unique interactive experience which merges a variety of small media based experiences to learn about the uniqueness of the arctic & Antarctic while having fun experiencing the factettes of the ice regions.


! Polar Journey - cutting edge interactive adventure

An immersive interactive exhibition which fits well to any visitor experience for better ROI.

Ice Caps

the first area includes a dome projection with comfortable seating that describes the experience and invites visitors to explore the north pole

Frozen Beauty

watch some impressive cracked Ice structures, displayed with a stunning 3D Effect without wearing glasses

Ice Fractures - Interactive Wall Game

get in touch with underwater polar creatures by engaging with an interactive wall projection.

Swarming - Robots, Quiz Games…

play a quiz game and many more at Penguin Info Terminals.

Interactive Floor Game

Guests view the effects of global warming by journeying over floating sheets of ice in the deep blue sea with ice cracking beneath their feet, creating stunning formations.

POLAR DREAM - Polar Explorer Simulator

guests  travel to the Arctic and Antarctic exploring the amazing polar wildlife while feeling as if they are immersed in a Submarine.

Real Ice Berg & Photo Spot

Exlplore a real ice berg with an ice sheet on it

make a photo with the Polar Bears

Variety of Interactive Exhibits

listen to Arctic sounds in special cocoon chairs, explore the fascinating Polar Lights, walk with Penguins, challenge each other through memory games and more.

! Layout Immersive Exhibition Las Vegas

To make each Exhibition to a very unique experience we can create a customized design for your venue.


This is the layout of the Polar Journey Exhibition we have realized in Las Vegas at Shark Reef Aquarium inside Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino:



! Polar Dream - In Polar Journey Exhibition


For Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas USA


ATTRAKTION! Studios created the 4D Movie Polar Dream which takes you to a Journey through the Polar regions with the Polar Explorer 5D which is an immersive 270° Simulation attraction with special effects. This movie can be experienced at the Polar Journey Exhibition inside the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas.