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!Dinosaurs Awake Explorer 5D at Ikuna, Natternbach, Austria

Attraktion! is happy to announce that our latest Explorer 5D opened up at IKUNA Naturresort in Natternbach, Austria. It is the first location that features the new Dinosaurs Awake movie. 

This Explorere 5D is part of IKUNAS new indoor expansion that also has a Dinosaur Playground and a restaurant. 


Dinosaur Awake is the newest addition to the Explorer 5D lineup of films for the special 270° projection format. Dr. Erica Hunt takes guests on a tour of the newly discovered Temple of Anula, but not everything runs as planned, so the guests discover a natural habitat where dinosaurs survived millions of years.

As always this Explorer 5D movie combines a fun storyline with excitement and educational elements.


Watch the Trailer here.

!NEW! PLAYNEO - New Forms of Play at IAAPA Expo Europe 2021 in Barcelona

Attraktion! is happy to announce PlayNeo - New Forms of play at IAAPA Expo Europe 2021 in Barcelona. 

PLAYNEO unites exciting new gameplay and proven experiences by Playoke and Attraktion! to create a new gaming universe!


It combines immersive projcetion with the all new ACTIVE SHIELDZ interactive system by Attraktion!


The interactive system was fully developed by Attraktion


More Info here.



!Markus Beyr on podcast for leisure and entertainment providers


March 2021

CEO Markus Beyr was guest at Jan-Hendrik Stein's Podcast

"Der Freizeit Marketing Podcast". They talked about the digital

and interactive worlds of experience.

It's definitely worth listening to:

On Spotify
On Apple Podcast



! Park World Excellence Awards Finalist


November 2020

Attraktion! has been shortlisted in the Best Dark Ride or

Media Based Experience category at the parkworldexcellenceawards 

for our latest Installation – Blue Cube 2.0 at UNIVERSE, Denmark!







! IAAPA Virtual Expo 2020 Asia!


July 2020

We are excited to exhibit  at the very first  IAAPA Virtual Expo 2020: Asia!!!

Join us for Iaapa Virtual Expo 2020 Asia. Our virtual booth is located in the following section: “Hi-Tech Equipment & Services 2 of 2”

It’s a new way to connect and we look forward meeting you virtually at this immersive experience. 😊

Safe the Date July 28 – 30, 2020, 2 – 6 .m. CST.






! Blue Cube 2.0 at Universe Science Park, Nordborg, DK


June 2020

Attraktion! redesigned and upgraded all immersive experiences in the Blue Cube centerpiece attraction at Universe Science Park, which represents the branded theme park from Danfoss at their headquarters in Denmark.


The Blue Cube was originally the Iceland Expo Pavilion from Expo Hannover 2000, which found a permanent home at Universe since 2005. After 15 Years, Attraktion! was hired to redesign and upgrade all experiences inside the Blue Cube including the center Geysir show with a new 2 m LED Sphere, all immersive rooms including all media, which has been produced by Attraktion! Studios department.


! First Explorer 5D Installation in Austria!!


February 2020

We are very proud to announce an Explorer 5D installations finally in our home country Austria!

We have installed an Explorer 5D recently in Zoo and Aquazoo Schmiding nearby Wels in Austria!

We are very proud of the first Explorer installation in Austria, especially as it´s quite near from our office in Marchtrenk!

We love this great Zoo with a big variety of animals here!





Sea Explorer 5D
! Speaker Appearance January 2020 Markus Beyr


January 2020

Attraktion! CEO Markus Beyr will be speaking on 31st of january in Ravensburg at its 16th german tourism conference. Markus will speak about media based attraction formats in this forum covering digital tourism trends.



! First Playoke Installation in Austria!!


January 2020

We are happy to announce Playoke installations finally in our home country Austria!

After realizing  Playoke Dance installations around the world from France to Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico, Canada... we are happy to announce finally two Playoke Installations in Austria this

Winter.  Austrias leading Dance School - Hippmann in Wels is offering Dance Classes for Kids & Birthday Parties with great success! One more Playoke set to open in Austria soon, watch out for it !


Playoke Dance & Kids
! New 4D Movie: Wild Safari Available now!


December 2019

After Exploring the Deep Sea and Polar Regions. Attraktion! Studios continues their Journey through wonders of creation of our World while taking a trip through the Wild Environment

The in-house CGI department just finished our newest edutaining movie: Wild Safari!

Right now, it is available in stereoscopic format 16:9 and we release in other formats soon. This movie takes Visitors to an incredible wildlife Tour in Afrika, the Guide and his Monkey are experts in the region and enjoy sharing their knowledge of the wildlife.

Wild Safari enable´s visitors to uncover many fascinating aspects of the natural world of Africa.
Witness rhinoceros defending their territory from intruders and crocodiles hunting in their natural habitat. But watch out! Dangerous lions have also been spotted in the area.



Attraktion! Studios
! Universe Blue Cube 2.0


November 2019

Attraktion! redesigned the interactive exhibition inside the Blue Cube, the centerpiece attraction at Universe, a Danish amusement and science park.

The Blue Cube was originally Iceland´s contribution to Expo 2000 and found a permanent home at Universe.

Attraktion! will also realize the Blue Cube 2.0 which  will reopen in a new design in Spring 2020!




! 200 Seats 5D Theater for Jaya Ancol, Jakarta


October 2019

Attraktion! has recently finisched a 200 seat 5D Theater installation with 3 DOF movements and a variety of Special Effects for Ocean Dream Samudtrad Park in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Samudra is part of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Indonesia´s biggest leisure destination with

several parks & beaches and more than 18 Mio. Visitors Yearly.

Thank you Jaya Ancol Team!



4D/5D Theater
! Park World Excellence Awards 2019 goes to Attraktion!


September 2019

We are excited to announce that Cinesplash 5D at Yas Waterworld has been awarded

“Best Waterpark Attraction of 2019” at the Park World Excellence Awards 2019.

Thank you to all involved in this great project to make it happen!

! Cinesplash 5D @ WANDA Guangzhou & Wuxi Waterparks


May 2019

Attraktion! finished to commission two more Cinesplash5D theatres in China for Wanda at Guangzhou & Wuxi. Guangzhou is the worlds first flooded theatre with a wave machine, to create a unique experience never seen before! Two waterfalls inside the auditorium complement the experience.

! Impression from the Saudi Entertainment Expo!


April 2019

Attraktion! exhibited for the very first time in Saudi Arabia ever - at the first ever Saudi Entertainment Expo (SEA) in Jeddah! While the trade show opening hours from 4pm till 10 pm was a new experience, the visitors came from many different industries and showed strong interest in our product portfolio. We want to thank all partners and friends for visiting us at the SEA 2019 in Jeddah!

! Visit us @CAE in Peking


March 2019

Meet us @CAE 2019 in Beijing at Booth E2127 for the very first time, we are exhibiting at the CAE in Beijing which is taking place at the China International Exhibition Center from 1st – 3rd April 2019! The Attraktion! Team is excited to welcome you to our Booth E2127. Get informed about our cutting-edge Attraction Portfolio including Cineplash 5D, Sea Explorer 5D, Playoke, interactive Exhibitions and many more!!

! Sea Explorer 5D @ Cairns Aquarium, Australia


February 2019

Attraktion! has completed installation of a 5D Sea Explorer underwater submarine simulator experience in partnership with The Cairns Aquarium as a part of a million-dollar visitor experience upgrade.

The new attraction located at the entry of the Aquarium begins with a submarine Captain providing a debriefing to visitors about their upcoming underwater journey.

Two separates five-minute voyages are experienced. The first is a trip to the frozen Arctic & Antarctic to explore the world of seals, polar bears and walrus living in the coldest regions of the planet. The 2nd Dive experience, then takes visitors to the tropical oceans where visitors can experience dolphins, jellyfish, whales, sharks…

! WE Robots @ Swarosvki in Tirol, Austria

January 2019


Attraktion! and Swarovski cooperated on creating a unique version of WeRobots with a crystalline design. They are used for the first time ever outdoors during Swarovski’s Lichterfestival in January and February 2019 at Swarovski’s brand land, Kristallwelten in Wattens, Tyrol.
The custom robot solution for Swarosvki allow already a glimpse of our newest generation of guidance robots with bigger screens, outdoor availability and one of the most sophisticated AI guidance systems in the world.


! Playoke Dance System at Centerparcs Paris

December 2018


After seeing that Playoke has become one of the favorite attractions in “Ze Place” at Centerparcs Les Trois de Forets.

Centerparcs decided to open a 2nd Playoke Kids & Dance Game at Centerparcs in Paris!

This Playoke was installed in December 2018 and accommodates up to 5 players.



Playoke Dance & Kids Game
! Attraktion! @Interbad Stuttgart



We had a great show last week at Interbad Stuttgart from 23-26th of October!

Attraktion! was present at EWA booth new innovations section! showing our Sensarium which is a unique new add on for Waterparks and Spa´s relaxing Zone`s.

And of course our Cinesplash5D presentation especially designed for Waterparks using a variety of water effects to experience a 4D ride in swimsuits!

! 4D Theater for Lego Discovery Center, Birmingham, UK



Merlin Entertainments Group opened a brand new Lego Discovery Center in Birmingham. Attraktion! is proud to be part of the new LDC realizing the 4D Theater with 97 seats, featuring numerous special effects such as snow, rain..

Inside the Theater guests can watch 3 different LEGO movies.


4D/5D Theater
! Speaker Appearances by Markus Beyr, CEO Attraktion! in Autumn 2018



Attraktion! CEO Markus Beyr is speaking at four conferences in autumn 2018: this week @China Theme Park Development Summit in Shanghai, in October in Dubai and in November in Germany!!


! Attraktion! ´s world’s first flooded auditorium with moving seats “Cinesplash 5D”,developed and realized for Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi!



Attraktion! realized the world’s first flooded auditorium with moving seats “Cinesplash 5D”, for YAS Waterworld Abu Dhabi!

Attraktion invented and installed this first one of its kind 4D/5D theater format with flooding specially constructed for Waterparks in Abu Dhabi (UAE). This immersive experience is complete with 36 seats and highly elaborate specials effects.

Cinesplash 5D
! Playoke for NatGeo FEC, Shenyang China

JUNE 2018

Playoke Dance & Kids Game  is an important part of all new National Geographic Family Entertainment Centres worldwide. Over a dozen are planned to be opened within the next years!

The first one has recently opened in Shenyang, China. Kids love to imitate the moves of different animals from interesting places around the world.


Playoke Dance & Kids
! FOIL Mixer at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, US

MAY 2018

Attraktion! hosted again a FOIL Mixer at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas on 16th of may, during the Future of Immersive Leisure conference and welcomed over 120 guests - full house - at our Polar Journey exhibition. Polar Journey has been visited by more than 700 000 Visitors in the last 14 months, and is now in 2nd season! Thank you MGM for the great cooperation!


Polar Journey Exhibition
! Playoke for Vinpearlland, Nam Hoi An, Vietnam

APRIL 2018

For Vinpearlland Attraktion! installed the second Playoke Dance and Kids System which opened in April 2018 in Nam Hoi An, Vietnam. 


The Playoke Dance & Kids attraction accommodates up to 18 players.


Playoke Dance & Kids
! Speaker Appearances by Markus Beyr, CEO Attraktion! in Spring 2018

MARCH 2018

Experience Attraktion! CEO Markus Beyr speaking at the following conferences in spring 2018: coming week in Amsterdam, april in Berlin, may in Las Vegas and in June in Vienna! See u there!

! Donauturm Vienna, Austria


Donauturm, Austrias highest Viewing tower has been built in Vienna for the Internationale Gartenschau in 1964 and became a major landmark for the city. With over 400.000 Visitors yearly and a rotating restaurant and cafe it is one of the main tourist destinations in our capital!


In 2018 Donauturm gets a major makeover and expansion. Attraktion!'s creative team is helping the Donauturm with several new attractions for the decades to come opening summer 2018

! Playoke Dance System for Florentia Village Ltd.


Attraktion! installed a Playoke Dance and Kids Game for Forentia Village Ltd. in Foshan.


Inside the Luxury designer Outlet you will find a huge Kidsplayground with different Games for the little ones, featuring Attraktion!`s Playoke Dance and Kids Game which accommodates up to 5 Players. Dance along famous Pop music clips within a real-time fitness battle atmosphere.


Project conceived and developed by Green Spirit for Florentia Village Ltd.

Playoke Dance & Kids
! Attraktion!´s New Year starts with 2 New Projects!


Attraktion!`s makes a great start into the New Year as we already signed two new projects: a Playoke Dance & Kids and a Sea Explorer 5D.


Another Playoke Dance & Kids Game will be installed in Vietnam, which accommodates up to 18 players opening in April 2018.


Our First Sea Explorer 5D Project in AUSTRIA ! we are very proud to announce that we are installing our first Sea Explorer 5D in Austria! The 5D simulation attraction accommodates up to 25 Visitors! Opening in September 2018.

Sea Explorer 5D



Our partner Intamin showed the immersive Dome Ride Theater at IAAPA amusement expo in Orlando Nov 2017 with very big interest. This attraction format is now becoming the next generation after Flying Theatres, invented by Attraktion!


Dome Ride Theater
! Sea Explorer 5D @ Lincoln Park Zoo



Attraktion! realized a Sea Explorer 5D for 25 people in Chicago; Lincoln Park Zoo at Kovler Lion House.

The 270° virtual Submarine allow visitors to explore the Arctic an Antarctic (Polar Dream) and the Deep Ocean Sea (Dive).

Sea Explorer 5D
! Dome RIde @ EAS 2017 - Berlin



The European Attraction Expo 2017 is taking place from 26th to 28th of Sepember.

We warmly invite you to visit Intamin at Booth #20-709 in order to explore the unique working model of the inside of the Dome Ride Theater.

Dome Ride Theater is a joint product between Attraktion! & Intamin


Dome Ride Theater
! Impressions from AAE 2016 Shanghai


JUNE 2016

At the Asian Attractions Expo 2016 in Shanghai, the exhibition visitors could experience our 4D/5D Theater including our latest 4D Film produced by our own in house CGI Studio! “Storm Riders” Visitors where excited taking a ride with our Sea Explorer 5D – a media-based attraction which simulates an immersive underwater journey with a realistic view out to sea.

The highlight of our Show at our Booth was the unique working model of the inside of our Intamin joint Product the Dome Ride Theater. We want to thank all partners and friends for visiting us at the AAE 2016 in Shanghai!

! First Playoke Dance System at Centerparcs


JULY 2017

Centerparcs Les Trois forets features its own Playoke Dance & Kids attraction for kids, teenagers as well as adults within its "ZePlace". This Playoke System is for 5 Players. Visitors are animated to dance along famous pop music clips with a real-time fitness battle


Playoke Dance & Kids
! Impressions from AAE 2017 Singapore


JUNE 2017

At the Asia Attractions Expo 2017 in Singapore we presented our newest Playoke Dance Games & our second SeaExplorer 270° Movie: Polar Dream  produced by our own in house CGI Studio!
We also presented the unique working model of the inside of our Intamin joint Product the Dome Ride Theater at our Booth.
We want to thank all partners and friends for visiting us at the AAE 2017 in Singapore!


! Playoke Dance System at Vinpearlland, Hon Tre Island, Vietnam


MAY 2017

In Vinpearlland,Hon Tre Island , Vietnam you can visit our largest Playoke Dance System which has been realized by Attraktion!


The Playoke Dance & Kids attractions has a size range of 24 Players.


Playoke Kids & Dance
! Polar Journey Exhibition, Shark Reef Aquarium, Las Vegas, US


MARCH 2017

ATTRAKTION! developed the world’s first Polar Journey Exhibition at Shark Reef Aquarium inside Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Polar Journey allows Visitors an opportunity to explore wonders of our world that they wouldn't ordinarily otherwise experience.


The seven interactive scenes (Ice Caps, Fractured Beauty, Swarming, Feeding Krill, Ice Fractures, Sea Explorer, Polar Science) enable visitors to uncover the many fascinating aspects of the polar regions through physical and intellectual activities.

Touring Exhibition
! RoboShark! The new Sales Assistant



Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo has "employed" three new Sales Assistants called RoboSharks!
Visitors of the Dubai Mall are surprised to our new sales assistans. While visitors typically dislike being approached by strangers sell them an admission ticket, they welcome interaction with the RoboSharks!

The RoboSharks raise interest and make visitors curious   to look closer and check out the new Sales Assistant. The uneasy feeling disappears and the visitor develops an interest in a ticket marketed by the robot and they usually decide to purchase. As soon as someone presses the button Robo´s human colleague stops by and finalizes the purchase and of course supports the visitor further!
Already after a short time you will see that more visitors are willing to visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and ticket sales will increase substantially.

Well done RoboShark! Well done Dubai Aquarium!

! Attraktion! @ WWA Conference in New Orleans



ATTRAKTION! and Dreampark International joined forces to be represented non exclusive for Cinesplash 5D theatres for the United States. The agreement was first announced at last weeks WWA Conference for the US Waterparks in New Orleans.
The waterpark community has been fascinated by ATTRAKTION!'s unique approach to invent a 4D/5D Theater with unique water effects, e.g. waterfalls, water explosions and theatre flooding - and one of the fastest ROIs in the industry.
We want to thank all partners and friends for visiting us at the WWA Conference 2016 in New Orleans.



! Impressions from EAS 2016 Barcelona



At the European Attractions Expo 2016 in Barcelona we presented our new VR Attraction range for 2017 using the latest VR-Glasses Technology on market. Visitors were impressed by shooting Aliens, and exploring a virtual ghost house.


We want to thank all partners and friends for visiting us at the EAS 2016 in Barcelona

! 1st September – Plus City Grand Opening – We Robots in Action!



The extension of the Plus City shopping centre from 50.000sqm to 70.000sqm is now completed. The Mall offers Visitors more than 70 new shops and services. The Shopping mall also brings a new Cinema and an impressive new architecture and Design with it.

More than that, we can proudly announce that 5 of our Guidance Robots named “E2K2” are already cruising around in the shopping mall, to inform about the shops inside and guide visitors to their Point of Interest. WeRobots also entertain Customers while making group performances and many more.

All in all, Plus City, nowadays one of the biggest and enchanting Shopping Malls in Austria, creates a memorable and a positive Experience with its Expansion.

! NEW 4D Attraction Film Storm Riders - Available now!


MAI 2016

The film tells a thrilling story of 3 kids that want to go for a swim, but when they arrive at the lake they discover it is all dried up! Frustrated the kids started to head back home, but Hannah shows her frustration and anger and throws a stone into the lake and its hits something with a metallic thud! What might that be?

Licensing for Storm Riders is now available globally for 4D Theater´s and Cineplash 5D Waterpark attractions.

For further information, feel free to contact us.

Storm Riders
! New repesentative office in Singapore


APRIL 2016

ATTRAKTION! has been fortunate to secure substantial new business over the past few months, with projects opening throughout 2016. This has meant a strengthening of the team with many new staff in the Marchtrenk and Vienna offices in Austria. To be able to respond to growing demand in the South East Asia and China region, we are very pleased to announce the appointment of Giulia Barbero as Business Development Manager – SE Asia and the opening of a new representative office in Singapore.

Giulia joins us with a strong track record within the entertainment industry and will be based in the Singapore office, and the team welcome her experience including the ability to speak in Mandarin, English, Italian, French and Indonesian! The Singapore office is an exciting addition to existing Attraktion! locations in Marchtrenk and Vienna, Austria, London, Munich, Beijing and Manilla. We welcome Giulia warmly to our team!

! ATTRAKTION! @THEA Awards in Anaheim


APRIL 2016

ATTRAKTION! Team: Markus Beyr, Kevin Murphy and Giulia Barbero were at the THEA Awards in Anaheim last weekend.


It was truly an amazing event. Well done to all the talented individuals that were nominated & won an award, well deserved!

! Major deal with OWG



ATTRAKTION! has made a cooperation with Malaysia’s leading developer and operator of leisure venues OWG. Their new entertainment & leisure attraction called THE TOP is located on the island Penang and features 300.000 sq ft. floor space with attractions, F&B as well as retail.


The opening of THE TOP will be in spring 2016. ATTRAKTION! will install three of its media-based attractions there: 5D Dome, Sea Explorer5D and Playoke Dance & Kids.

! Al Noor Island - Opening of a scenic destination in Sharjah



Markus Beyr, CEO of ATTRAKTION!, has participated at the grand opening event of Sharjah’s man-made island called “Al Noor Island“. In the course of this project, ATTRAKTION! was involved as project advisor.


Al Noor Island is an impressive scenic destination with trees, plants and flowers located on Khalid Lagoon. This destinaton was designed by the multimedia artist André Heller.