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! 4D/5D Dome


The 4D/5D Dome Experience is a 360° immersive, virtual environment. It combines the typical well-known Planetarium dome with 4D or 5D seats, and adds standard or customized 4D dome films.

With a huge selection of Special Effects such as Vibration, Leg Tickler, Neck Blast and many more Visitors enter into an unbelievable experience of a physical and virtual fun adventure TOP IT UP with our 5D Solution!


To enhance the experience for all Visitors even more equip your dome with Multi speed platform 3 DOF / 3 axes.

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! Features

This attraction enables operators to differentiate from the classic 4D theatres by adding new feelings to the experience

 360° full dome projection environments from 7m up to 35m diameter

  3k and 4k projection systems up to stunning 8k

 Brightness adjustable to ambient light conditions

 Grey or white projection surface to accommodate different ambient light levels

 Camera based fully automated alignment system for easy set-up and sustainable quality

 5.1 surround sound system or better

 Media server: up to 9k full dome movie playback

 Dome show capabilities based on standard media files and customized (motion) graphics.

! 4D/5D seats

 Age group: 6+

 Theater SFX: Wind, rain, Strobes, LED lights, ground Fog, Lazers, Haze

 No DOF or Motion SFX seats

 Multi speed Platform 3DOF / 3 axis

 Mobility realistic motion


 Leg tickler

 Neck blast

 Water spray

! sample layouts 4D/5D Dome

We will build your 4D/5D Dome in your desired size.

Layout for 40 seats

Layout for 80 seats

Layout for 100 seats

Layout for 200 seats

4D/5D Dome in Action:

! 4D Dome within Polar Journey Exhibition, Shark Reef Aquarium Las Vegas, US

ATTRAKTION! realized the world’s first Polar Journey Exhibition at Shark Reef Aquarium inside Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, US. Polar Journey offers Visitors to explore a part of the wonders of creation of our world that they may otherwise never experience.

The First szene includes a small Dome projection with comfortable seating, that describes the experience and invites visitors to explore the north pole.



! 4D/5D Dome Leisure attraction “The Top” Penang, Malaysia


ATTRAKTION! realized a new 5D Dome for OWG for their signature project: “The Top” at Komtar in Penang, with 48 4D/5D effect seats.

Beyond the motion seats the 5D Dome features numerous special effects such as neck blast, leg tickler, vibration, water spray, seat poke and wind.

With its impressive special effect and motions seats this 5D Dome provides the most intensive visual journeys for any visitor whether young or old.

ATTRAKTION! also realized the Dome Structure and Builiding.



! 4D Dome, ITCC Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


ATTRAKTION! realized a 40-seat 4D Dome Stereoscopic Dome in Riyadh which is scheduled to open 2018. The 4D Dome features ATTRAKTION's! state of the art 4D seats in VIP setting.


The dome has an inside diameter of 16 meters and starts from the 3rd floor of the ITCC exhibition building and goes up to the 4th floor. The projection system is based on 3-Chip DLP projectors with a 4K resolution in addition to showcasing a variety of different SFX inside the theater.