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! 4D/5D Theater


ATTRAKTION!’s 4D/5D Theaters combine HD, 4K or even 8K 3D projection with special effects, a sophisticated motion ride system and high end surround sound systems.

The visitor experience is multisensory and immersive due to the use of moving seats, platforms and a varied range of special effects and 3D images, all perfected synchronized to generate a highly realistic experience. Suitable for children, teenagers as well as adults, the number of theater participants is almost limitless with theatres from 20 seats to 600 and above.

ATTRAKTION! provides not only a library of licensed movies but also can also produce customized movies for clients from its own studio. Different movies can be used at different times to suit a wide range of audiences, allowing themed attraction venues to deliver varied content, when they need it.

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! 4D/5D Theater features


 Age group: 6+

  Theater SFX: wind, rain, strobes, LED lights, ground fog, lasers, haze

 Static or Motion SFX seats: Multi speed platform 3DoF / 3axis mobility realistic motion


 Leg tickler

 Neck blast

 Water spray

4D/5D Theater in Action:

! Upcoming 4D Theater Projects



Kaisa Golden Bay - Shenzhen, China

64 seats Theater, opening 2020 


Merlin Entertainments, Lego Discovery Center, Scheveningen, Netherlands

81 seats 4D/5D Theater, opening late 2019

! 200 Seats 5D Theater for Jaya Ancol, Jakarta


Oktober 2019

Attraktion! has recently finisched a 200 seat 5D Theater installation with 3 DOF movements and a variety of Special Effects for Ocean Dream Samudtrad Park in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Samudra is part of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Indonesia´s biggest leisure destination with

several parks & beaches and more than 18 Mio. Visitors Yearly.

Thank you Jaya Ancol Team!




! 4D Theater for Lego Discovery Center, Birmingham, UK



Merlin Entertainments Group opened a brand new Lego Discovery Center in Birmingham. Attraktion! is proud to be part of the new LDC realizing the 4D Theater with 97 seats, featuring numerous special effects such as snow, rain..

Inside the Theater guests can watch 3 different LEGO movies.


! 4D Theater. Lion Safari Park, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India


ATTRAKTION! realized a 40seats 4D Theater for the Lion Safari Park in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh in India which will open soon.


This Theater features numerous special effects and will sreen movies about wild animals and african safari.


! 5D Theater, Brauhaus am Kreuzberg, GER

ATTRAKTION! realized a 5D theater with 32 seats in the German brewery "Brauhaus am Kreuzberg". ATTRAKTION! has been responsible for the design and installation of the 5D theater, but also produced the film shown in the 4D theater. The theater presents a unique multisensory experience since the film is enhanced by special effects (e.g. wind, water spray, vibration) and moving seats.


The customized movie produced by ATTRAKTION! called "The big race" is an exciting pursuit by two characters named "Woody Barrel" and "Kurt Hopfen" through the brewery. On their journey the two cross different stages of brewing while getting incitec (and excited) by an enthusiastic and captiating moderator! With its impressice special effects and motion seats the theater provides plenty of fun and edutainment for kids as well as adults. The 5D motion seats include a wide range of special effects including heat in the seats.

! 4D Theater, Xian (China)


ATTRAKTION! created one of the largest 4D theaters in China with 600 seats at the theme park "LEWA Wonderland" in Xian which opened in July 2015.


Although the theater is not equipped with motion seats, it features numerous other special effects such as wind, rain, strobes, LED lights, ground fog, lasers, haze, vibration, leg tickler, neck blast and water spray.


A 4K resolution 3D Projection is provided by high quality Barco Projectors. This theater shows a variety of movies licensed by ATTRAKTION!.