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! Sea Explorer 5D


Sea Explorer 5D is an immersive 270° attraction with special effects. The attraction simulates an underwater journey in a futuristic submarine with 3 projection screens providing the most immersive simulation attraction of its kind.

The attraction consists of a simulated elevator (Pre-Show), bringing visitors first down into the earth and then docking them onto a futuristic and immersive submarine.

The Main show consists of 3 projection areas, (front, left and right) where guests stand on a motion platform and enjoy the breathtaking, realistic view out to sea.

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! Sea Explorer 5D features



The Sea Explorer 5D stands out due to its mind-blowing features in regard to audio-visual and sensible experiences.


The pre-show and main show are characterized by the following features.


! Pre-Show



 1 Surround Sound

 Several Screens with HD Content

 Special Effect: Elevator Motion Floor



! Main Show



 1 Surround Sound

 270° Video Ultra Real Video Projection (12 million Pixel)

 Big Motion Floor 3DoF

 3D as option

 Special Effects: Wind, Water Effects


! Sample Layouts Sea Explorer 5D

The standard attraction sizes of Sea Explorer 5D are made for 12, 25 and 40 visitors. However customizable solutions are offers as well in terms of attraction size, design and premises.

Layout for 12 Visitors

Layout for 25 Visitors

Layout for 40 Visitors

Sea Explorer in Action:

! Upcoming Sea Explorer 5D Projects




! First Explorer 5D Installation in Austria!!


We are very proud to announce an Explorer 5D installations finally in our home country Austria!

We have installed an Explorer 5D recently in Zoo and Aquazoo Schmiding nearby Wels in Austria!

We are very proud of the first Explorer installation in Austria, especially as it´s quite near from our office in Marchtrenk!

We love this great Zoo with a big variety of animals here!

! Sea Explorer 5D @ Cairns Aquarium, Australia

Attraktion! has completed installation of a 5D Sea Explorer underwater submarine simulator experience in partnership with The Cairns Aquarium as a part of a million-dollar visitor experience upgrade.

The new attraction located at the entry of the Aquarium begins with a submarine Captain providing a debriefing to visitors about their upcoming underwater journey.

Two separates five-minute voyages are experienced. The first is a trip to the frozen Arctic & Antarctic to explore the world of seals, polar bears and walrus living in the coldest regions of the planet. The 2nd Dive experience, then takes visitors to the tropical oceans where visitors can experience dolphins, jellyfish, whales, sharks…

! Sea Explorer 5D, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, US


Attraktion! realized a Sea Explorer 5D for 25 people in Chicago; Lincoln Park Zoo at Kovler Lion House.


The 270° virtual Submarine allow visitors to explore the Arctic an Antarctic (Polar Dream) and the Deep Ocean Sea (Dive).

! Sea Explorer 5D, Jakarta Aquarium, Indonesia

In Jakarta Aquarium in Indonesia, Attraktion! realized inside the Aquarium a Sea Explorer 270° Simulation Attraction for 25 People, in June 2017.


The 4D Movie “Dive” produced especially for the Sea Explorer 5D which is screened inside of the Sea Explorer takes you to a journey to the mystical deep of the Sea.


! Polar Explorer, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas USA


Polar Explorer is the highlight at ATTRAKTION!'s newest exhibition called Polar Journey, at Shark Reef Aquarium, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas USA.


A customised Polar experience combining entertaining with educational aspects has been created and welcomes 50.000 Visitors/month.


This attraction size is for 12 Visitors with 3 DOF Motion and wind.


! Ocean Explorer "The Top" Penang, Malaysia


ATTRAKTION! realized the Ocean Explorer 5D for The Top at Komtar in Penang.


This attraction features 16 seats with 3 DOF Motion and several special effects such as, wind and waterspray. The exterior is a custom designed, nicely themed submarine. Visitors can experience our newest DIVE movie.


! Dubai Explorer at Dubai Aquarium (UAE)


ATTRAKTION! implemented a customized version of its new entertainment product the Sea Explorer 5D in May 2015. The Dubai Explorer is a "submersible simulator" at The Dubai Aquarium within The Dubai Mall.


In a submarine simulator 12 people experience a virtual dive accompanied by a small turtle character from the aquarium out to sea. In order to create an authentic feeling the floor is equipped with a 3DOF motion platform. Due to narrow space, only one screen in a special shape had been realized.


ATTRAKTION! also produced the entertaining CGI based film shown in the simulator including developing the characters.